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Vancouver / Canada
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Welcome to the law office of Kerstin Hewel!

Our office specializes in Immigration and Citizenship matters. We are happy to represent and assist you in the following situations:

  • You are living abroad and plan a stay in Germany - or you are living in Germany and plan to relocate abroad
  • You want to acquire the citizenship of another country or wish to become a naturalized citizen of that country
  • You would like information on dual or multiple citizenships
  • Your citizenship status is unclear and you would like to have that status determined
  • You are an employer and would like to recruit staff from abroad and/or arrange for your staff to work abroad
  • You are a professional athlete who performs internationally and for that reason require at least a temporary residence permit.


We look after your interests and make sure that you will acquire, retain, and not lose your egal status in Germany/ your German citizenship. We will also assist you with the determination and recognition of your citizenship and will take all measures required to reinstate a lost and previously held citizenship.

We will consult with you to discuss all steps involved and required, analyze your particular situation, and make you aware of any far-reaching consequences. The advantage for you: our stratgic approach and focus on all relevant options available, such as a seamless transition from the status of a short term visitor to that of a long-term resident and finally the acquisition of full citizenship.

Our clients include

  • entrepreneurs/employers
  • members of the work force
  • self-employed individuals/business travellers
  • private individuals
  • professional athletes


We are happy to assist you as your strong and competent partner. Call us or contact us via email; we look forward to hearing from you.