Frankfurt / Germany
Platz der Einheit 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. + 49 (0) 69 97503-433

Vancouver / Canada
# 2000-1066 West Hastings St.
Vancouver B.C. V6E 3X2
Phone + 1 604 341 4817


We cover all aspects of the immigration process: from acquiring a temporary permit trough to the attainment of permanent resident and eventually citizenship status.

Our clients are primarily

  • entrepreneurs/employers
  • members of the work force
  • self-employed individuals/business travellers
  • private individuals
  • professional athletes


Who needs what:

Temporary Resident status

  • members of the work force
  • candidates of holders of the EU Blue Card Germany
  • visitors - professional and private
  • students


Permanent Resident status:

  • members of the work force
  • in general, all persons
    • who wish to replace their Temporary Resident status with that of a Permanent Resident
  • individuals whose declared intention is the immigration and subsequent permanent residency
  • visitors - professional and private
  • students


Citizenship and naturalization:

  • determination of citizenship
  • naturalization/ re-instatement of a previously held citizenship
  • dual citizenship


Additional information on various topics is available on our Blogg.